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Get quick cash without selling your crypto. Keep your digital assets safe and earn interest while using them as collateral for a loan on our P2P platform.


Get returns on liquidity by bringing stablecoins to our P2P platform. We offer a safe and transparent environment for lending, making it easy for lenders to earn additional income.


Become a payment agent partner with our P2P platform and enjoy new revenue streams. Earn commission on all transactions and reach a broader market of cryptocurrency holders.


Earn commission on transactions made by referred borrowers and lenders, offering access to a secure and transparent platform to leverage their crypto assets.
Rates Current rates BTC $64172.20000   DASH $25.88000   DOGE $0.12380   ETH $3177.59000   LTC $69.28000   TRX $0.13440   USDT $0.99980  

Get benefits as lender or holder with P2P lending platform

With secure and flexible terms, our platform offers a unique opportunity to unlock the value of your crypto. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to participate in the future of finance.

Latest Offers:

New Loan Offers
Loan amount Accepted pawn Term Interest LTV
  150.00 USDT 28 days 0.11000% Daily 30.00000% View
  250.00 USDT 35 days 0.10400% Daily 45.00000% View
  100.00 USDT 7 days 0.10400% Daily 45.00000% View
  2800.00 USDT 14 days 0.10400% Daily 50.00000% View
  100.00 USDT 7 days 0.10400% Daily 65.00000% View

New Pawn Offers
Pawn amount Loan amount Term Interest Current LTV
  0.08000000 ETH   100.00 USDT 14 days 0.08200% Daily 37.07537% View
  14.60000000 LTC   700.00 USDT 56 days 0.08200% Daily 66.32342% View
  0.15000000 ETH   350.00 USDT 30 days 0.08800% Daily 69.20736% View
  0.07300000 ETH   100.00 USDT 14 days 0.08200% Daily 40.63054% View
  0.11000000 ETH   300.00 USDT 30 days 0.08200% Daily 80.89172% View

Why do you choose P2P lending platform?

The P2P lending platform boasts three main features that set it apart from its competitors. These features include decentralized platform, crypto collateral and low interest rates.

P2P Deals

The P2P LendPal is a platform that allows borrowers and lenders to transact directly with each other, without intermediaries such as banks or financial institutions.

Crypto Collateral

The platform accepts various cryptocurrencies as collateral, providing flexibility to borrowers and enabling them to keep their crypto assets while accessing liquidity.

Low Interest Rates

The platform offers competitive interest rates for borrowers and provides an opportunity for lenders to earn interest on their funds, making it a win-win for both partners.

Platform Key Features

Speedy Account Creation

A fast and efficient process of setting up an account on the platform. Registration in 1 minute.

Quickest Loan

Discover the optimal deal available on the platform or tailor your own loan agreement with flexible terms that work for you.

Private Entry

Platform does not perform credit checks or KYC procedures, ensuring complete privacy and confidentiality for our users.

Flexible Terms

Borrowers and lenders have the flexibility to set own terms and conditions for deals they offer, having full control over deals.

Diverse selection of Crypto

Diverse selection of crypto assets on the platform allows users to make informed decisions based on preferences and goals.

Enhanced Secure Storage

Platform has advanced security measures such as multi-factor authentication and encryption to safeguard your funds.











Holder Benefits

By holding your crypto funds on our P2P lending platform, you have access to fast loans with no credit checks or KYC requirements. You can find the best offer on our platform or create your own deal with flexible terms. Our private access ensures your anonymity and our advanced secure storage guarantees the safety of your assets. Plus, with a diverse selection of crypto assets available, you have the flexibility to choose the best asset to hold as collateral.

Lender Benefits

One of the main benefits for lenders to bring liquidity in stablecoins on the P2P platform is the ability to earn attractive returns on their investment. Using stablecoins offers a safer option for lenders to park their funds as they can avoid the volatility associated with other cryptocurrencies. The platform offers lenders the flexibility to choose their own terms and interest rates, which allows them to tailor their investment to their own needs. Furthermore, the advanced secure storage system of the platform ensures the safety and security of the funds invested. With no credit checks or KYC requirements, lenders can invest quickly and with ease, allowing them to earn returns on their investments in a hassle-free manner.

Payment Agents

Partnering with our P2P lending platform can offer significant benefits to payment agents, such as expanding their customer base, generating additional revenue streams, and providing their clients with access to innovative financial solutions. Payment agents can earn commissions on each transaction and attract new clients by offering a range of flexible loan options that meet their needs. Our platform allows payment agents to leverage our advanced technology and expertise, enhancing their reputation as a trusted and reliable service provider. By partnering with us, payment agents can gain a competitive edge in the market while providing their clients with access to a secure and efficient lending platform.

Platform Security

Our platform takes security very seriously, and we have implemented multiple layers of protection to ensure the safety of our users' assets. We use advanced encryption methods to secure all transactions and data on our platform. In addition, we have a thorough vetting process for new users. Our system is also regularly audited to ensure compliance with the latest security standards. We understand the importance of maintaining the trust of our users, and we are committed to providing the highest level of security possible.

Platform Support

Our platform provides a dedicated support team to assist our users with any questions or issues they may encounter. We understand that our users need reliable support to ensure their experience with our platform is positive and successful. Our team is available 24/7 to provide timely and helpful responses to any inquiries. We are committed to ensuring our users have a smooth and efficient experience with our platform and providing excellent customer support is an essential part of that commitment.

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